Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've Got It!

Since the birdcage is finished, I need a new project. I have a thing for warm grey (sorry, Benjamin Moore, I'm Canadian.) Give it to me in a sweater, a slim pant or a chalky wall paint. I'm thinking a wall in the living room could handle a sprucing-up. Being a rental, the entire house is the same shade of beige. Thankfully, it's a very liveable, warm beige, not verging on peach or yellow. But it's certainly not dramatic or particularly interesting.

Gettysburg looks like it'll play nice with the existing colours, especially the yellow tufted chair. I've never been one to experiment with paint colours, having not yet owned any property, but I think it's something I could really get behind.


  1. I think the greige/yellow combo looks very smart.

  2. i'm moving into my first apartment in a week (yay!) and have been eyeing several greys too...have a post coming up with many hard to choose!