Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Damaged Goods, Indeed

Much to my disappointment, Season 2 of Damages aired on Showcase this week. Yes, I said disappointment. I've written about the show several times. How water-tight and gripping it is. How well-written and brilliantly performed. Glenn Close, I mean, come on, she's a genius.

But something has happened. I won't give up easily, let me tell you, but the premiere episode was appallingly bad. From a technical standpoint, they've changed the way it's filmed, which would be fine if it was an improvement. It's not. It's flat and cheap looking. The storyline was slower than former president George W. Bush (I just wanted to say former! Tee-hee!!) and the writing was cheesy and predictable.

What has happened?!

Could a show that literally blew my mind have been a one-hit wonder? Is it hitting the skids, a sophmore slump the scale of which not seen since MC Hammer? I have to wonder: Is something that good impossible to repeat? Can lightning only strike once?

A couple of years ago Jeff and I spent these cold January nights watching Season 1 of 24. And we got wrapped up in it. We'd watch four or five episodes in one night, like a good book, impossibly hard to put down. And everything seemed fine. Until hour 23.

I'm a stickler for accuracy. I can suspend my disbelief with the best of them, I mean, James Bond movies are some of my favourites. But I can't stand faulty storylines or implausabley-plausable situations (See: M. Night Shayamalan's entire body of work). If it can't work, it just can't work. And in Hour 23 of 24 the whole thing fell apart.

Nina Myers is that leaky linchpin. If she's the secret bad apple, please don't show us scenes throughout hours 1 to 22 of a seemingly good Nina in private moments. In them we are sure to see the truth, no? NO ONE ELSE IS THERE! Why would she continue to play the part of loyal and trusted ally to no one?! It makes me crazy! The Oliver Stone School of Filmmaking is a crock! Shut it down!


I'm afraid of this kind of disappointment. I want Episode 2 to turn on its heels and get back to business. No more hacky writing, no more lifeless cinematography, and if there's any goodness in the world, there will be no more Regis and Kelly! My final plea: Enough with hair growing at the rate of a pregnant teenager! How many times can Glenn Close tell us its been "a month" since the last season ended, and yet, her hair has grown 9 inches! Patty Hewes is post-menopausal, she's lucky she's not bald!

Seacrest, out.


  1. The reason why the 2nd season premiere was not as good as the 1st season pilot was because Alan Coulter wasn't directing and injecting his brilliant take in filming of the show it was Todd Kessler directing. As person who follows television and movies you should know this. Coulter is a genius I feel.

  2. Well.
    Thanks so much for writing.

  3. I did the same ting with season 1, i'd save up 3 or four episodes and then gobble them down in one sitting, and was completely addicted to the show. I have been looking forward to season 2. I'll check it out, hopefully it gets better.