Friday, January 2, 2009

A Change Would Do You Good

Lots of designer-types recommend some sort of change-up throughout the year, be it seasonally-appropriate throw cushions on the sofa or the occasional art swap, keeping your walls fresh all year long. I've always been the type to work a room until it's perfect, have it hermetically sealed to maintain said-perfection, and change it only when I move. So, let's call it a New Year's Resolution: I'm going to loosen up and change things on a whim! It's mostly because I've accumulated too much stuff, too many treasures. Simply too many chairs and lamps and decorative baubles; I can't give any of them up, so must find a way to enjoy them all.

Since playing around with my new lamps it seems I love them with the shades I bought for these lamps. The new ones feel a bit wintery, a bit moody. The greenish-grey (technically "Silver Sage") shades play well with the worn brassy finish. The new lamps are quite a bit taller which divides the living room from the dining room even more dramatically. And my monkey finials work perfectly! Alternately, the lovely white marble lamps feel fresh and summery. So why not switch them out? Below, for your interest, a comparison image. For now, the brass will stay. When the winds change, so will the lighting!

The same goes for my table tops. I recently accumulated an assortment of balls for Christmas. Miniature globes from Restoration Hardware, various others from a friend. I found this giant round basket in a junk shop a couple of years ago and have never really found a great use for it. It's mostly been employed as a bread basket for summer BBQs. It deserves more than hamburger buns. So, here it sits on our dining room table, but only for a while. When the mood strikes I'll take it to another room and replace it with something else. A change will do me good.


  1. the lamps look great. still love your marble ones though too - i've had my eyes open for a pair since seeing yours.

  2. Quite the design eye. I love those lamps!