Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lamp It Up: Redux

So, it turns out my in-laws had an embarrassment of riches where lamps were concerned. My last project involved these beauties and I couldn't be happier with them. The shades from Restoration Hardware work perfectly and the clever little finials make me smile every day.

After boxing up the cottage, it turns out there was another set of lamps not living up to their full potential: A dusty rose, pleated bell-shade can have that effect on almost anyone. Once those were tossed these tall brass bases really shine. The tarnish is perfect making the metal look more like mercury glass. In lamp light they have a greenish patina, which works wonderfully in my living room.

The distance between the finial and the harp base is large, so these guys will require a really tall shade. Back when I was working on the marble lamps I was considering black drum shades; I think that style will work beautifully with these, so the search is back on! I think I've found the perfect finials too - check them out. Pretty over-the-top, but a little glitz never hurt anybody.

I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I've got another project on-the-go. My boyfriend Jeff fell in love with an old wooden birdcage he saw at an antique shop when he was a kid. He proudly brought it home and it sat in the living room for years. During Purge Fest 2008 it went up against the Toss-Keep-Donate Jury.

I have a firm belief in taking meaningful objects and adjusting them to work in a contemporary setting. Like your Grandma's old piano - the cherry finish ain't working in your mid-century modern dwelling, but it holds a ton of sentimental value, so, for the love of God, have that sucker refinished! It's still the same piano, still full of memories, its precious ivories untouched. So make it work!

Because the honey-coloured wood and sad-Cat-Lady-overtones weren't working for me, I convinced Jeff to let me spray out the cage in a high-gloss black. I plan to hang a single old-school Edison bulb inside and - shazam! - our very own, ultra-cool, one-of-a-kind lamp, rife with Jeff's childhood memories but within the limits of our (read: my) personal style. Stay tuned to see the results!


  1. i can't wait to see how you add your personal touches to the birdcage.

    and i love the lamps you found in the cottage.

  2. My how you love a finial! And with that...2008 is complete. 2009 begins tomorrow1