Friday, October 31, 2008

Lamp It Up

I know I've been a terrible blogger. The seasons have changed and it seems I can't get out of bed before noon. The floors are cold, but the duvet is so warm. And I've been lazy, lazy, lazy.

But my lamp project is complete. After scouring the city for suitable shades, I came to realize that no one sells them. Even a store focused entirely on lamps didn't sell shades. So, it came time for my annual trek to Restoration Hardware. I avoid this store, as it makes me want nothing more than a palatial home in Forest Hill and a summer spot in Connecticut. I want overpriced soap and fourteen Christmas trees with coordinating baubles on every branch. I want to put brushed nickel knobs on everything, just because they're so pretty.

Each fall they have their annual lighting sale. Up to 30% off on all their fixtures, lamps and shades. Although I was hoping for something very dramatic (like eggplant or glossy black) I had to settle on the Silver Sage Drum Shade. At a reasonable $35 each, they are beautifully made and very elegant. I ordered them online and they arrived in just seven days. Colour me impressed!

Because I had hoped for total drama with the shades, I knew I'd need to jazz them up somehow. I searched the internet endlessly for some cloisonné finials (like this one, which wouldn't ship to Canada!) but stumbled upon these little brass monkeys which were perfect. I'm pretty pleased with the whole outfit - It's just the hit of glamour our living room needed, with the right bit of quirk in those little monkeys.

(click the photo to enlarge)


  1. Jason! They look great.

    Those monkeys are genius.

    What's the story with those fantastic photos? Family?

  2. Thank you so much! Sweet sweet validation!!

    My walls are covered in photos I've taken. This little area is a collection of old photos of our family. Me and my sister, Jeff when he was a kid, our parents and grandparents. I don't think our families notice when we pillage the Family Photos.

  3. thomas of washington dcOctober 31, 2008 at 7:03 PM

    its been a long time!!!! but well worth it.

    love the shades,
    love your space,
    perfect calm cool colors.

  4. Love those monkeys (and the owls! I'm on an owl kick).

  5. these look fantastic! and the monkeys? loves it!

  6. Jason, the Monkey finials are FAB! and your living room looks so sophisticated, so grown up!

  7. I spy the Kris piece among the photos. Reading this and seeing pics of your (old) place make me nuts that I've never been inside your HOME. Weird.