Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Shall Know the Wonder of Purple Summer

If you're anything like me, you like to drink in the afternoon.  Especially when you're at the cottage for the last weekend of the rainiest summer on record.  There's a compulsive need to pack the days full.  As dusk rolls in at 4:30, you run circles in the grass, pleading with the sun to stay, just a little longer. Swinging madly in the hammock, it feels more like a marathon of activity than it does relaxation.  But that's what Labour Day Weekend is all about.  Packing it in.

This means, to make the most of your day, you've got to get your chores done early.  With mint growing in every ditch from here to Saskatchewan, it also means you might be too far gone on mojitos to prepare dinner with a clear head.  I find the best way to combat this is pre-emptive prepping.  Get everything you can possibly get done out of the way before the booze and wine flows at cocktail hour.  Or at noon.  Or whenever yesterday's hangover subsides.  

I'd be hard-pressed to find something that can't be cooked on a barbeque.  Some things, though, like green beans, asparagus, and finely chopped herbs and spices, are too small and fall beneath the grill to a charbroiled death.  This is why God (and Dollarama) made pre-formed tinfoil trays in various shapes and sizes. Good for cooking the hard-to-cook, and also for the early preparation.  Sturdier than a simple tinfoil wrap, these little packs of delight are easy to handle, easy to serve from and totally reusable!  

A bit of oil, some chopped rosemary, 30 minutes on the grill, and voila!  We always do our green beans this way in the summer.  Never has a bean tasted so good than sizzled in olive oil above a smoky flame.  This weekend I also cut the kernels from three cobs of corn, added heaps of butter, salt, and pepper, and used one of these trays to steam the whole thing right on the grill.  Try it while you still have time!


  1. "This is why God (and Dollarama) made pre-formed tinfoil trays in various shapes and sizes."

    You're hilarious.

  2. i'm glad the peaches worked out, peaches.
    i'll also be sure to try the beans, corn and anything else i can find at the st. l mkt on the barbie.
    i miss summer already.

  3. HOT DAMN, that looks good. I recently had a little sorie where I grilled peppers, asparagus, yellow, and green zuchini for a platter. Served with home made pesto, and cannelini bean paste, roasted chickens stuffed with lemon and fresh rosemary...
    a Tuscan delight! Yumm.