Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ambiguous Ambition

I'm part of a rather strange generation. It seems people my age run the gamut between renaissance-throwback artists and 80s-revival corporate-cogs.  I don't know exactly where I fall on the spectrum, but I've been thinking an awful lot about it lately.

I was at a cocktail party last week, surrounded mostly by the latter: a real go-getting group of consultants, executives, and other young ambitious people.  I don't care for conversations about market shares, particularly, so found myself somewhat bored until the wine kicked-in and I could privately snicker as people recited, what sounded like, lines from a Michael Douglas movie.  

I've never really considered myself career-obsessed.  I have no real desire to be the Vice President of anything or to climb any ladders.  If I'm not laughing throughout my workday or enjoying the company of my colleagues, what's the point?  If my job is to take up 30% of my day, it had better be a damn riot!  Don't get me wrong, I like to work and I like to do my job well, but not at the expense of my real life.  

Jeff and I have been talking about throwing it all away by moving to the Cayman Islands.  Sunshine, the beach, Vitamin D year-round.  Surrounded by happy people who don't own a watch or a Blackberry®.  We'd get fun little jobs at a coffee shop, maybe.  We wouldn't need much, afterall, and our day wouldn't be about work at all.  It would be about sunning ourselves or perhaps snorkeling or reading in the breeze of the ocean.  What could be better than that?  I'll keep you posted.

(A kid on the beach in the Dominican Republic, 2007)


  1. DOOOOOO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thomas of Washington DCAugust 28, 2008 at 2:45 PM

    very smart posting...

    i've often thought about selling my studio, quitting my 40 hour plus job and getting rid of my possessions-traveling to Paris with only a couple pair of jeans, lots of t-shirts, great shoes and tons of journals...working at a coffee shop or an old bookstore. life is too short to be unhappy working under unnatural light in an office with people who you don't care for working for a company that is not going anywhere.

  3. Sounds like the sanest plan I've ever heard.

  4. might i propose australia? it's a lovely place to live the world away.

  5. I snicker at Blackberry references. I also very much enjoyed this post. For a wide variety of reasons. Though the Cayman Islands seem rather boring to me :)