Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Places I Won't Soon Forget

There are several reasons why this photo I took in Cuba makes me happy. This little street in Varadero makes me think of Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood, or perhaps more accurately, Señor Rogers' Vecindad. The best part of any episode (for a kid who loved model train sets, doll houses, or eating cereal with itsy bitsy collectors' spoons at his Grandma's house) was when he sat at the kitchen table and played with his miniature version of the Neighbourhood of Make Believe. Lady Elaine Fairchilde notwithstanding, that show brought me a lot of joy. (That red-faced pre-op was terrifying, no?)

(Top: Varadero, Cuba 2005 Bottom: Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood, 1960s)


  1. Thomas of Washington DCJune 24, 2008 at 8:21 PM

    Another well written post!

  2. She was so scary ... I'm pretty sure I had nightmares about her and she had a horrible, screechy voice too.


  3. Oh my gah! You did write about this! :) It cracks me up. She was such a bitch.

  4. Just this past July a discussion I was having with my staff drove me straight to Wikipedia to become reacquainted with each and every character in The Land of Make Believe. I loved that show more than any other show on TV and ran home straight from school each day to watch it start to finish. Sherie Renee Scott did a Broadway show a few years back called Everyday Rapture. I saw it three times. She sings a medley of Mr. Roger's songs and I bawled each and every time. "It's You I Like"? Seriously. Listen to the lyrics. I NEEDED that as a kid.