Friday, June 20, 2008

I Be Up At the Gym Bed Just Working on My Fitness Lazy

I might not be known for my sticktoitiveness. I'm a bit impatient when it comes to craft projects or child-rearing, so I shouldn't be surprised that I've fallen off the fitness wagon. At some point in May my regimen took a hit. I was doing so well, but then it got unseasonably cold and grey. Rain and single-digit-temperatures were very uninspiring. I couldn't seem to get it together, wrapped in the duvet until at least 11:00am each morning. When my bottle of multivitamins ran dry, I didn't replace them, and my newfound diet of carrots, yogurt and whole grains was promptly replaced with pizza and candy. Out of 31 possible times in May, I went to the gym six times. Half a dozen. Terrible.

This lapse made it all the more clear how effective exercise is - I felt like a million dollars in February, March and April; like I've never felt before - Vital, strong, awake. And now, as the end of June creeps up, I feel lazy and tired, a general malaise rests like meringue over my crusty mood. Muscle tone I swear was developing has receded, my girlish arms returning in all their glory, just in time for T-shirt season.

I need to get a grip, so I'm writing this down to hold myself accountable to the dozens of people who read this blog. I went this morning and it felt good to sweat and move my limbs. Three days a week is all I need to do, and I will. Mark my words.


  1. you get back there! what did i risk life and limb for getting you that membership if you're not going to go!?!

    (i'm just trying to guilt you in to getting back there. i don't actually feel this way. but it is good when one's calves touch. get back on it.)

  2. Thomas of Wash DCJune 23, 2008 at 2:57 PM

    I am in love with your blog... Your writing has so much heart. And you write honestly. I discovered you on Thank you! The world needs people who write well :)

  3. Wow.
    Thank you, Thomas of Washington, DC. That's exceptionally nice of you to say.

  4. how i ever missed your fitness posts is beyond me! so hilarious...and true!