Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Playlist

I like music. All kinds. Eclectic might be a good word. Schizophrenic might be better. On any given day I cover a ton of territory. All genres, all levels of gloss and production. From the high-end Madonna and Kanye to the low-end Julie Doiron and such. Outside of metal and gangsta rap, I'm game to pop on my headphones and take a listen.

Today I iTunes'd what might be my new favourite CD of summer. M. Ward is a singer-songwriter I've followed for years. He's folksy and quirky and talented. Zooey Deschanel is an actress who may have stolen your heart in the Will Ferrell flick, Elf, among other things. Together they formed She & Him and recently released an album, Volume One. Somewhere between an Annette Funicello beach-blanket party of the 50s, twangy country, and that Phil Spector wall-of-sound doowop thing, it feels wonderfully authentic, old-school and effortless. With covers of "I Should Have Known" and "You've Really Got a Hold On Me", you can't keep my shoulders from moving.


  1. What do you think of the new Scarlett Johansson album?

  2. I think nothing of it.

  3. I think nothing of the ScarJo album also!

    Sigh. Normally after reading such a post, I would hop onto iTunes and download some of your recommendations.

    Today, sadly, that's not possible. Jake put a whopper of a virus on our laptop, thus potentially wiping out hundreds of dollars of music I have accumulated over the past few months. Totally heart breaking.

  4. she and him are coming to Toronto...

  5. S&H and Mademoiselle Deschanel are perfectly adorable. If I'm not listening to S&H on my walk to work lately, I'm listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

    Jason you've got wicked good taste.