Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ask for Steve Anubis

Sometimes my life is weird. I work in a performing arts centre where some of Canada's finest walk the boards. Greats like Diego Matamoros, Nancy Palk, and Kenneth Welsh, the new generation like Liisa Repo-Martell, Kristen Thomson, and Damien Atkins, and the superstars like Megan Follows and Ann-Marie MacDonald. It's strange to chat over a bowl of soup with Anne of Green Gables. Stranger still to casually converse about Ms. MacDonald's Oprah appearance or what it's really like to be part of the Book Club. And yet, so normal, so perfectly Canadian in its utter down-to-earthness.

Today I took a moment when I realized I passed by Megan, Anne-Marie, and Canadian director/playwright Judith Thompson without really batting an eyelash. Ann-Marie stopped to let me know I'd been in her dream last night. "It was you, but it wasn't you, you know how dreams work," she said, "You even had a name: Steve Anubis." She went on to explain how Anubis was the Greek God of the Underworld, he who determines where the dead belong. Scary and not an altogether flattering role to play in the subconscious mind of a Canadian treasure. I can't begin to imagine what goes on in a brain like hers, and, frankly, it's an honour just to be involved.

(Above: Ann-Marie and her partner Alisa Palmer at the opening of Top Girls, July 2007)


  1. Steve Anubis: I love it. If you wrote a book about an ancient deity had to get a real job, and ended up pumping gas or inspecting frozen chickens, I'm pretty sure that would have to be the title.

  2. That's amazing. But you don't really look like a Steve.

  3. I totally read Fall on Your Knees because Oprah Winfrey told me to. It was a great read. And Steve Anubis, huh? So oddly specific. Ha!