Friday, May 30, 2008

And I Got To Thinking . . .

Sex and the City has a special place in my heart. I can't separate my love of the show (New York, those characters, marveling at Sarah Jessica Parker sprinting in heels) from the love I have for my dearest friends. That might sound strange, but when the show ended four years ago, Sandi and I anxiously waited as the bootlegged final episode downloaded before collapsing to the couch with a box of Kleenex®, preparing for the end of an era. Brian and I can have perfectly relevant conversations speaking only in quotes from the series. He's especially good at verbatim, I'm adept at tone and delivery. And while he might not be the type to quote the show or discuss the merits of its camera-work, the show even conquered Jeff. After showing him the series, beginning to end, nothing was so satisfying as hearing him exclaim it was "so good!" He can be a tough sell.

Like any good television show worth its salt, Sex found its way into the pop culture canon. It got into our hearts, its characters, like so many before, becoming real people in our lives. Our parents had Dallas and M*A*S*H, and we got Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. A story about the families we create for ourselves, about friendship and love, whipped dollops of fairytale drama mixed with enough heart and sarcasm to satisfy my every whim.

Four years after the series ended with a classic voiceover and a giant reveal (John?!) the ladies are back with the movie. The blogosphere's been abuzz for months, especially the last 30 days, press tours and spoiler-alerts rampant all over the globe. You can't turn on the television without anticipation, speculation and expectation. Like an imminent high school reunion, you have to wonder what's happened to everyone. Will they live up to your memory of them?

But I don't think it was possible for me to be disappointed. Like catching up with old friends, sometimes all you need is to see them, know they're doing okay, and reminisce a bit about the good old days. For the film's opening, like perfect bookends, I caught the 11:45AM matinée with Jeff and a 10:50PM with Sandi (and a city's worth of over-accessorized women). I'd stumbled upon enough spoilers to know a bit about the plot, but was pleasantly surprised by the stuff I didn't know. With enough subtle nods to the past to satiate the oldest and truest fan, Sex succeeds as a gift to the die hards and as a stand-alone romantic dramedy for the masses. Fear not, I won't go into detail.

The bittersweet part of yesterday was Brian's very loud absence. He's still in Australia - I'm sure there's a Samantha Jones-style down under joke in there somewhere. When he gets home, we'll pop in the DVD for every self-congratulatory second of Michael Patrick King's commentary, we'll pause on each hysterical facial expression Kristin Davis conjures, and, when it ends, we'll start at the beginning and watch over and over again.


  1. i saw it last night. in darwin, northern territory with two dutch girls and a guy from b.c.

    i couldn't have been disappointed if they tried. we will talk about it- endlessly.

    i'm in cairns now and am seriously thinking about seeing it again tonight. why the hell not?

    the acting was better than ever. phenomenal.

    i miss you heaps, as we say here.

  2. i just want to be watching this with you right now. instead i am about to get my bags out of luggage storage and walk to the airport where i will spend the night. it's a glamorous life.

    i miss you.

    the shot of carrie in the bathroom in mexico when she takes off her sunglassses is enough to break my heart three million times.