Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gush It Real Good

Sophia and I had another late-night chat. 10 615 kilometers between us. She sits in front of a computer sometime in tomorrow's South Korea. I in the office of our house, a room that sits at a ten degree pitch, my desk chair rolling southwestbound if I don't anchor myself to the floor with my feet.

Tonight we talked about gushing. Emotional over-indulgences, compliments, a very specific and thorough expression of praise to a friend. Oscar speeches, eulogies, declarations under the Eiffel Tower, the In Memoriam montage in awards shows, and anything that happens outside Tiffany's. And Sally Field.

We're both suckers for this stuff. I can tell from the opening music of Oprah if it's gonna be a good one. "Today, on an All New Oprah: A little girl dying of a rare blood disorder and her mother, the Gulf War veteran who adopted young Farwah from wore-torn Kuwait." Sold. You got me. Lay it on me. Pass the Kleenex®.

I've always been like this. Human interest stories on the local news, commercials, weddings, or when Tony and Angela finally got together in Season 8 of Who's The Boss. I love it all.

I have vast, gorgeous memories of Julia Roberts' 20 million dollar "I'm Also Just A Girl . . ." speech in Notting Hill. I relive it in my head, sometimes. " . . . standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her . . ." If one Sunday in November, TBS is airing back-to-back-to-back Notting Hills, you know where to find me!

I try to avoid being flowery and over-sentimental, but I have those tendencies. Anyone who's heard me rave about iTunes knows I can get fairly passionate about almost anything. But I mean, seriously, a whole album in my hands in 30 seconds or less, for the bargain-basement price of $9.99? And I can buy it while I'm wearing a towel? What an amazing service! It's the greatest thing since email. I said it.

Really, this blog was designed as a forum for me to gush. About pop culture, interior design and amazing food, the people I love. I like what I like, and I tend to let people know the details. If you think I have a lot to say here, try being my boyfriend. He's five long-winded stories away from faking complete hearing loss.

(Editor's Note: I feel I should point out that I draw the line generously this side of Tom Cruise on a couch. Just for the record.)


  1. This morning on the news there was a story about a man who won the lottery. His family business is one of those meat shops in the Dufferin/Bloor area. Today he's giving away 5 pound bags of chicken to anyone that comes in the store (plus he gave all his employes 5 thousand bucks each). The way he was telling people to come in (they they need not be embarassed and that they didn't have to buy anything to get the chicken) was so simple and nice I started to tear up.

    CP24 made me tear up at 7am.

    Dudes who give away chicken slay me.

  2. You know what's better than downloading an album to your computer in 30 seconds? Downloading an album directly to your iPod in 30 seconds. While riding the streetcar.

    If you lived in the US you could do it. But we have a triopoly here which is never going to give up their airwaves that cheaply.

    But I digress. You know what makes me cry? People who do nice things for people they don't know. I was telling Derek about the girl in Japan who died from leukemia as a result of the bombs dropped during WWII, and how she tried to fold 1000 paper cranes in order to have her wish granted, but she it looked like she would die before she could complete them, so people from all across Japan started sending them to her, until she had mountains of paper cranes - and today, at a monument to the victims of the bombings there's a statue of the girl and at any given time the place is loaded with piles of cranes - I was trying to tell this to Derek and I literally couldn't finish I got so choked up.

    Not that it's a contest or anything.


  4. gushing is good.
    i wish i still could, but alas i have no heart.
    it's sad and makes me cry...nearly.

  5. Did you see the pregnant man on Oprah the other day? Now that made me tear up! The utter joy on the couple's faces when they were having an ultrasound and saw the baby punching away on the monitor. I love that. What a wild world, eh?

  6. I know, I know...I said no more comments. But this Oprah reference was too good. Ha!