Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Mania

There's something in the water. I'm convinced that if outfitted with ovaries, I'd be pregnant at this point. Everyone is having babies! I rant and rave a lot about how times have changed and how quickly we're speeding into the future, but this baby boom makes it feel like the 50s! All we need is a backalley gay nightclub and a race riot!

I found out today a beautiful friend is expecting twins. Like Jennifer Lopez-Noa-Combs-Judd-Affleck-Anthony and Angelina before her, she will welcome two for the price of one later this year.

Laura is the picture of urban-cool Mom. Including the requisite über-stroller and Scandanavian nursery set, she's a great example of the nü-Mom. (Please forgive my obnoxious over-use of the umlaut. Jesus!) She is warm and communicative, loving and sweet. She talks to her baby like the intelligent human she is. She's relaxed and at-ease. Affection oozes over a brunch/breast-feeding session.

In many ways, Laura has been like a Mom to me. Well, like a teenage Mom; that Gilmore Girls kinda Mom or Nicole Ritchie - One who maybe wasn't prepared for a mid-twenties offspring, but deals well nonetheless. Someone who listens and gives advice, but makes you laugh like no one else in a series of inappropriate ways. Laura is one of the funniest people I've ever met. Mostly on purpose, but sometimes in that magical guttural way.

Example A: I was eating a tuna sandwich when she wheeled into the room exclaiming: "It smells like a whorehouse in here!" We vowed to open a deli offering the Whorehouse on Rye.

I can't pinpoint exactly what Laura is. She's an ever-present source of comfort and support. She is one of the main reasons this blog exists, so blame her for starting something that can't be stopped. She appeared in my life when I wasn't expecting someone to fill a void I didn't even know existed. If that makes any sense.


  1. Laura rules. No doubt.

    And everyone I know is having babies too! It's about that time, I guess. Not for me though! Can't say I'm feelin' the baby fever myself. I enjoy my self indulgent life.

  2. "I'd like a whorehouse on Rye with an extra large pickle, please."

    Works for me.