Monday, March 31, 2008

These Roving Eyes, This Raving Mouth

I spend a lot of time just roving around the internet. There are several sites I frequent (see side bar) and others I stumble upon just once. I bookmark a lot of things, for fear of losing the trail back. It's an endless web, afterall.

Virginia Sin of Brooklyn, New York is one of these recent discoveries. She got tired (and guilt-ridden) of stacking paper plates 5 deep in order to support the weight of her summer time BBQ, so she came up with a brilliant idea. She made porcelain plates out of paper pulp (don't ask me!) that look like the typical ones you'd find collapsing under a cheeseburger at your family reunion. People with this kind of talent and vision make me at once furious with jealousy and panicked with the feeling that I'm not doing anything valuable with my life. But mostly I just marvel at the ideas people have.

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