Sunday, March 9, 2008

Faces I Won't Soon Forget

Another Cuban face. This man was sort of fierce, I must say, and very straight-forward. He was sitting in an alleyway in Havana, one hot day in January. (It's strange to think of hot days in January sitting here in my house, practically snowed-in. I'd be happy to sweat on a streetcar, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, at this point.) This old, wise-looking fellow was sitting in the doorway of a building. All buildings look the same in Old Havana. Dimly lit, charmingly run-down, entirely generic. A restaurant could be a shoe store could be a bank from the outside. I took two frames, one slightly too bright, and gave him a few pesos (the tourist kind, not the Cuban kind, much to his satisfaction) and moved on down the pock-marked street where we met Juan Miguel.

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