Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carpet Munching

I've been a bit obsessed with rugs lately. In my ongoing Housing Project, a new one is at the top of the list. Well, not on the top of my overall list of priorities, but in terms of my living room.

There's a store at the corner of King and Jarvis called Modern Weave and it has gorgeous rugs. They are thousands and thousands of dollars. But just today, on Apartment Therapy, the rug I've dreamed of since seeing similar designs on Welcome to the Parker is quite reasonably priced. This is the one I want. Oh someday.


  1. That is a lovely rug, but if you really want to drool, check out the "woven art" place at Dupont and Davenport. Oi.
    But seriously...carpet munching?

  2. so, i walk by that rug store every day on my way to work...and i have to say that my favourite one so far is the big japanese dragon design...i mean can you imagine walking on THAT every day? oh the luxury!

  3. this looks identical to the thomas o brien from target. love it..thats why i bought it.