Thursday, March 6, 2008

Alice Smith

For fear of becoming the guy who only seems to recommend the hot musical stylings of the oh-so-current old-school chanteuse, I won't tell you about Alice Smith. I won't tell you a major-label recently re-issued her 2006 album, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me which is now widely available. I won't tell you she's really fucking cool and, unlike her contemporaries, isn't channeling that 60s girl-thing, but rather a mid-70s, snarling, soulful, R&B sound. I won't gush about her 4-octave-range or how she reminds me a little of the world's most underrated and misunderstood artist, Fiona Apple. I will, however, mention there are a couple of tracks that may have been best left in 2006, but aren't beyond forgivable. In closing, I definitely won't ask that you take a listen to this.

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