Friday, February 8, 2008

Things That Make Me Jealous

So, while roving around the blogosphere (see side bar, "GO ROVE YOURSELF" for some of my favourites) I found a great example of the kind of "rustic" I want to add to my life. From Better Homes & Gardens [AUGUST 2007], this fresh take on the typical 50s-style sunburst mirror makes me insane! I love it. Also, I have a thing for globes (though I have just one so far; nice ones are hard to come by!) A collection like this is my dream, and I love love love how the orbs diminish in size with the pitched roof. Charm central! That gorgeous coffee table, the driftwood accessories and that beautiful chair: All these elements make me palpitate! Wouldn't you love to have your coffee out by the dock, go antiquing all morning, hunker down in your Muskoka chair with a pitcher of gin and lemonade until the sun sets, then curl up by the fire in a place like this? Sigh. You're damn right I would.


  1. oh my jason have you seen the show where they make clinton kelly a new house? it's mental, you'd love it, it was soooooo beautiful.

  2. Your globe collection has grown, no?