Thursday, February 7, 2008

We've had more snow downtown in the past six weeks than in the 5 years I've lived here. I'm from the snowbelt (London, Ontario) so I get snow. I know what it's like to shovel driveways and trudge to school in knee-high drifts. I know what it's like to sweat in February.

They say it takes just 30 days to make behaviour habitual. In 5 years I've gotten very used to our utter lack of snow. I've become accustomed to green Christmases and warm, dry Januarys. When I visit my sister, I shudder at the heaps and piles, the stand-still traffic and the slushy gutters.

This greenhouse I live in suits me fine.

Of course, we always get a bit of snow downtown, but until this point, there was a never even a need for winter apparel. You could go the whole season in a warm fall jacket, layered with a sweater. Gloves were often optional. Each November I downgraded a pair of shoes to become my winter shoes. Though I still pranced and dove over puddles, avoiding shoe-eating-salt, this pair had been chosen, elbowed down the footwear pecking order, and would be abandoned in April.

But enough! Enough I say! This year I went to my local Canadian Tire store and purchased a pair of $12 rubber boots. Though they don't keep my feet warm, they do keep them dry. My walk to work is less than 5 minutes and most of my other commuting (television to kitchen, computer to bed, living room to dining room) does not require footwear of any kind. There is nothing so liberating as to kick through a slushy gutter, or cut around a slow-moving pair on the sidewalk by off-roading in the park. Go people! Get a pair of boots! Take back the winter! Never another sacrificial sneaker.


  1. Those boots are great. They remind me of spring when i was a kid and we used to create 'rivers' between puddles by dragging the heels of our rubber boots through the mud.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll take it into consideration.

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