Friday, February 8, 2008

New York Fashion Week

I'm a bit obsessed with Project Runway and clothes in general - What an incredible talent to possess, the designing and constructing of clothes. On that long list of skills I wish I had is the ability to sit at a sewing machine and alter my clothes to fit me perfectly. A neat hem or a just-right blazer. I love red carpet pre-shows, Vogue, and watching Katie Holmes blossom at precisely the same rate Nicole Kidman did in the 90s. I love to read Esquire magazine for its little fashion tips and tricks, such a focus on old-school gentlemanly skills and virtues. The last issue had a great article about how to be an exceptional gift giver and how to properly store one's cufflinks. Awfully romantic, no? I often wish I was a fantastically flamboyant film star of the 50s, gallivanting with Vera Ellen, force-feeding her cheeseburgers while re-enacting scenes from White Christmas. You know, old-school gentlemanly activities like that.

I took a flip through the collections already showcased at New York Fashion Week and saw some beautiful things. It made me wish I could rewind to November so I could re-do my Fall 2007. Not that I want to prolong winter, of course, but if there's one reason to live in this climate, it's the vast style spectrum we can access. I love looking at high-quality garments. Lord knows I have none of my own, and I know a $500 sweater is just ridiculous, but you can see the craftsmanship. If you buy right, these classic duds will be in your wardrobe forever.

The collections that jumped out at me featured chunky sweaters and preppy coats, earthy staples and poppy accents. The first look, DKNY, really grabbed me; I've been into the greys and browns lately, and that sweater makes me want a ski chalet, a good book, and a gin on the rocks. I also find the model attractive, in a very dangerously-sharp-faced-Russian sort of way. The Michael Kors suit, all sheen-y and slim-fit has been on my mind for some time. I wish I had a few thousand dollars to invest in a good suit. Loving the chunky pea soup sweater and the newsboy-meets-Arctic-prospector hat. The quilted maroon zippy and the patterned shirt are nice, rich details (all Perry Ellis) and Lacoste steals my heart with that snappy mustard yellow. I love the collared grey cardigan, but I'm not sure my slender frame could carry it. I'd be willing to give it a shot.

For now I'll stick to H&M, its pilling sweaters with a shelf life of 30 days.


  1. Your sharp faced Russian guy needs a cheeseburger or two...

  2. NY Fashion Weeks will always and forever be synonymous with you for me.