Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Margot at the Wedding

From writer/director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) comes the first decent movie Nicole Kidman has attached herself to since The Hours. Yes, it's quirky. Yes, it's kind of sad and dark and slow. Yes, it ends abruptly and sure, it has moments of complete hot-mess craziness, but it's a great story about a family dealing with its sordid past, its malfunctioning relationships, and its uncertain future.

Nicole Kidman does off-the-wall really well (remember To Die For?) and she looks almost normal - None of that blonde monochromatic-face-hair Lloyd Robertson thing she has going on nowadays. It's nice to see a little contrast, you know? Jack Black is great, Jennifer Jason Leigh is kooky and insane like I like her, and the palette and cinematography are pretty, soft, and vintagey-looking. If you want to sit down, be quiet, and watch people act crazier than you think you have a tendency to be, you'll enjoy Margot at the Wedding.

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  1. While your review does make me want to see this, you say it ends abruptly. I'm so fed up with movies that have no epilogue (or second act at all, really) I don't think I can invest in the lead-up.

    Also, I ate your chili for dinner tonight, and it was lovely. Again.