Friday, February 1, 2008

It's February

The Writer's Strike has really opened up our television schedule. Without new episodes of Bionic Woman* to keep us from having to talk to each other, my boyfriend and I have discovered so many new and exciting shows! Below is a list of hilarious you should consider tuning into.

1) Chelsea Lately - E! has won my heart with this one. She and Joel McHale are the legitimately funny go-to's that keep the network from sliding out of a limo with no panties on, a hot-mess shit storm of D-List reality shows, TMZ, and Ryan Seacrest. Chelsea is caustic and raunchy and has a Mexican LP as a sidekick. It just doesn't get any better.

2) The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle - Jennifer Saunders (of AbFab fame) returns with this awkwardly hysterical show-within-a-show about an evil talkshow host. The pace of Arrested Development with the talent of British People, it's absolutely brilliant. Miranda Richardson will blow your mind.

3) Flipping Out - This show following an obsessive compulsive real estate prospector satisfies me on several levels: An outrageously attractive lead male, his hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus-style assistant, his housekeeper Zoila, and gorgeous 1950s-modern California mansions. Check your local listings this week for a marathon of all 6 episodes. It's so worth it.

4) Sarah Silverman - When all else fails, and your DVR burns out on Oprah repeats, check out The Sarah Silverman Program, or just YouTube the shit out of her. Nothing takes away the winter blahs like racials slurs and abortion jokes.

* I would never watch Bionic Woman.


  1. I happened across Saunders new show, and thought it was fabulescent! Nothing like a little British humour, and god the cast is nuts!!

  2. Are you still watching "Flipping Out"? I've only seen a handful of episodes and didn't realize he had OCD until the third one. He was obsessing over the temperature of his coffee: "This is not 140. I know what 140 is. This is 135." Also love the way his assistant/house manager or whatever his title is now, walked around the grounds, picking up the stray pebble off the paths. I wonder how much he got paid to do that.

  3. Yes, Flipping Out is a total favourite.