Thursday, February 28, 2008

Faces I Won't Soon Forget

Jeff and I went to Cuba three years ago. It was our first real vacation together, and, for that, stands as my favourite. It's a magical place, all sun-soaked and lost in time. Old cars running beautifully with retro-fitted German parts, faded advertising from the 1950s, a distinct lack of Americans.

It was a glorious trip full of exciting new experiences. My first time on a plane, a moped, and a bus without windows!

On one of our excursions, we met this little guy. He and his parents operate a sugarcane plantation in the lush, green countryside. As each busload of tourists pulled over to stare, he ran around with his little puppy, instantly entertaining, posing for French Canadian cameras. Exactly on-cue, the little puppy snagged the back of his shorts to expose his tiny little behind. Adorable.

So serious, he was, so dusty, that bit of sweat running down his face. I love this little face.


  1. this post gets me where it counts.

    i like this face.

  2. What a delicious little guy! I just wanna squeeze his little cheeks.