Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Comeback

I have a long list of movies, shows, and books to look into. You know how it is: You hear about this and that, your friends make recommendations, then Oprah pimps Eat, Pray, Love and you don't know what to do first! Suddenly your jotting notes on everything, including your boyfriend's face in the middle of the night, for fear of forgetting about something hilarious or fantastic. I have a basket on my desk full of scraps of paper, some of which make no sense to me anymore. I've flipped through old, abandoned journals only to find comprehensive lists of, what appear to be, album titles and musical artists - I immediately have a palpitation, wondering how this supposedly-great stuff may have benefitted me and how I can get my hands on it. Gah! It can be very stressful!

My dear friend Brian has been talking about The Comeback for a long time. Of course, I knew it existed. Of course, I knew I'd like it. But somehow it got on that list, behind 1000 other amazing things. If you can sift through the garbage, we live in a fairly fantastic time, pop culturally - And don't get me started on the merits of TV-on-DVD!

Michael Patrick King (Sex & The City) and Lisa Kudrow put their heads together to create this sad and hilarious look at the desperate world of the television sitcom, through the eyes of the twice-as-desperate world of the television reality show. Valerie Cherish (played by Kudrow), a once-adored TV star with a hit show in the 90s and a People's Choice Award prominently displayed in her "awards room", is well-meaning and the image of rose-coloured-glasses. They convince her to film a reality show called The Comeback which will chronicle her triumphant return to TV (a painfully bad teen-sex-comedy, Room & Bored). For a generation raised on the reality-show-format, it's just so much fun to watch. Not unlike my other current obsession, The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, you see the ins-and-outs of producing television, a bubble-bursting experience to say the least.

As depressing and moving as it is hilarious, The Comeback is one of the greatest things I have ever seen on television. It's one of those finite experiences you never want to end. Like getting to the last page of a great book, you feel a strange desire to grieve the loss. You've never seen Lisa Kudrow this good, and 10 seconds of Mickey will be enough to have you lending your DVDs all over town, just for the pure pleasure of sharing something great. Put it on your list.


  1. Netflix has made it exponentially easier to keep track of my "lists."

  2. You and KTC. Kindred Comeback Spirits. AND you mentioned Oprah in this one...amazing.

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