Friday, February 1, 2008


I don't know much about her, but Adele is a newcomer from the UK. Inevitable and unnecessary comparisons to Amy Winehouse aside, she's neat. She has more of a Joss-Stone-soulfulness meets a Patsy-Cline-melancholy to her. A great, effortless voice.

I should note I found out about her via Perez Hilton. Say what you will about tabloid culture and its obvious negative impact on the world, his site constantly promotes little-known artists and has introduced me to a lot of very fine music - That's gotta count for something.

Look into Adele's album, 19.

Best Moment: "Best For Last" - Simple, great vocal, rollicky.


  1. i sorta like her as well!
    also found out about her via prez.
    it depresses me to think I can't go a day without reading his blog.
    our blogs should link together. I will add yours.
    your blog is also beautiful to look at.

  2. Chasing Pavements was the song of Feb 2008 for me.

    You've also partially answered a question I've long been meaning to ask. (i.e. "How you keep on top of new music?")

    I've got to agree, grudgingly, re: Perez. The inanity of his posts usually make me LOSE MY MIND but I've got to give him props for highlighting under-the-radar musicians (even if I'm not blown away by his taste).

  3. I love that this post starts with "I don't know much about her..."

    Also, you read Perez Hilton?!