Thursday, January 31, 2008

Diary of a Queer Shut-In

So, it's that time of year. Nesting season. It's cold out, so we tend to be in. And instead of your house being a summertime drop-in-centre, a place to eat and sleep between mass-doses of Vitamin D, it's a place where you quiver in corners, afraid of frostbite and slush stains on your new jeans. Inevitably you take a look around and realize things are out-of-place, or a once-charming bit of clutter on a corner shelf now wakes you in the night, begging you to reorganize, simplify, re-arrange. Or maybe it's just me. Somehow I don't think my boyfriend spends a lot of time worrying about the distance between glassware or their proximity to the salt-and-peppers.

Well, I do.

In my first entry I wrote about the changes afoot in my living room. Well, our trip to Mexico scored me some of my desires. The sparkle, and some rustic country. I also spent the better part of a day tearing apart my 500-strong CD library, cataloguing the artwork, filing all the discs into large binders for easy access. I replaced the horrific CD shelves with that pencil sketch - My dear friend Kris drew me as a pirate as part of a series he did a few years ago. I've loved it, but never knew where to put it. I think this is the perfect place.

We collect boxes. Every time we go somewhere, our mission is to find a box. This one was $60, which is, by far, the most expensive we have ever considered. The man in the little shop, though, let us have it for $40 because we looked nice and had no tattoos or piercings. Luckily Jeff's nipple was tightly wrapped beneath his shirt.

A day earlier we'd gone snorkeling, and the first bit of real marine life we saw was a tiny little sea turtle bopping along the white sand of the ocean floor. When I saw this little guy made of pewter (with a removable shell for storage!) I knew he was just the sparkle I needed. Next stop: Antlers!


  1. I just saw antler salt and pepper shakers in the distillery. They are the best. You will need them.

  2. your place is beautiful. well done :)