Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008, Year of the Blog

Not since the long-lost days of Livejournal have I had an official blog. And I'm so the blogging type. Where have I been?

Here is where I will post about lovely things. I am obsessed with housewares. I love a well organized desk drawer or thoughtfully produced CD art. A fashionable website or a well-presented dish of food. Ties, shirts, sweaters, and shoes. Katie Holmes, of late.

I like pretty things.

I will begin with myself. Wait, I don't mean I'm a pretty thing. I mean that I think, before you can judge and appreciate others, you must first investigate yourself. Below is a photo of my living room:

There are things I love and things I hate.

1) I think I've done a nice job with the drapes - Dramatic! The window is actually quite tiny. Smaller than the white centre-area. I hung the drapes extremely high, and by hanging the brown ultrasuede panels over the surrounding walls, the window looks floor-to-ceiling.

2) But the couch. It couldn't be more IKEA. I hate it with a deep, sociopathic passion. And don't let that heinous, pointless coffee table get in your way. Gah!

3) Photos are always a personal element. Gallery-framed, they are high-impact, tidy, and interesting to look at. I stacked three (left side of your screen) along this strange jutting-out-bit, which, like the drapes, make the ceiling look higher than Britney. I prefer black and white, as they all, by default, match each other. I am a stickler for cohesion. If my photos were in colour, I'd be forced to coordinate them, which of course, would prove very difficult.

4) CDs. Cherish and respect them as I may, they don't display well. I'm a recent iTunes-convert, so soon these plastic cases will be archived in the basement. Welcome to the future.

5) The carpet. Another IKEA bargain. White, woven, typical. If it doesn't get out of my life soon, the stress of keeping it clean will kill me. I don't want to live in a house that doesn't allow me to skip around in my shoes, when necessary. I mean, I'm no Huxtable (all heels, hair and makeup all the time) but sometimes you forget something on your cube-shelf and crossing that carpet feels more treacherous than the Northwest Passage. That's no life.

Anyway. There are major changes afoot. Over time I'll update you. I have grand ideas of adding sparkle (through shiny silver items), warmth (a vintage Persian rug), comfort (a worn-in, cozy, leather couch) and rustic, country flavour (antlers and wood).

In the meantime, I'll talk about all kinds of pretty.


  1. How 'bout a nice sparkly feature wall? I can help you with that...

  2. Thomas of Wash DCJune 23, 2008 at 11:48 PM

    why your place works well...

    1. consistent scheme-colors
    2. your place has heart...just like your writing.
    3. instead of injecting pops of color, you choose to use pops of photography
    4. varied levels
    5. you actually live here-its not all about looks.

    thank you for sharing. have you updated the things you hate?

    When I moved into my studio downtown last year, i sold all of my ikea furniture except for my bedframe that is actually not too ikea. Guess what? Everytime I go to Ikea, i have to stop myself from buying too much ikea stuff. it such a great place!

    If you are interested in seeing my bed, go to apartmenttherapy and search for thomas updated house tour.

  3. "I think, before you can judge and appreciate others, you must first investigate yourself."

    It's remarkable how that idea has held up over the last (nearly) two years. Your intial post was an extended discourse on the pretty (and ugly) and elements of your home, but I think it hints at something...deeper...

    Looking forward to reading even more.

  4. 1) I LOVE A LIST! Even if this is not a rules-based list) 2) I do NOT love the Ikea sofa. But I cannot talk because I still have 2 Ikea chairs in my living room. And an Ikea side table. Sad. 3) I wish I could get my hands on your Livejournal.

    I kept one too. And at one point printed it out. And I'm sure it exists somewhere in this apartment of mine. And I'm sure if I found it I would mostly want to die re-reading what I wrote (along with knowing what music I was listening to and what emotion I felt while I wrote it).